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© 2014 - RE-EDIT by ARINA AZMAN. Skins by IKA. thanks to WEHEARTIT. do tell me if im not credit yours. dont remove the credits. x

written by Allee at Thursday, 15 August 2019 & got 0 Comments

maybe you'll miss me when you're bored
maybe you need someone to hold on and I happened to be there
maybe you like me by chance
maybe you just hate the thoughts that you were alone and nobody save you
maybe you didnt care much about me
but you liked when I ask how your day was, how i treated you when you're sick and blue
and maybe i was a foolish
to think i've even had a chance
and maybe i was crazy to think
this is like an innocent scene from a drama
instead, it was just drenching pool of mud that by chance, i was nearby
maybe you couldve like me now, but i dont like being second choice
and i thought maybe this happened for a reason
but now idk
maybe you hate the thoughts that you were alone and nobody save you
maybe one day, the hands that youre holding right now let loose
maybe you'll get up and leave

maybe i am too holding on by the past, but
thinking about it make me hate myself
for wishing to be in invincibility, until
everyone forgotten me
i thought i was ready for this day, but i never was