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shades of me
written by alin at Thursday, 19 October 2017 & got 0 Comments

hello hi. you could have forget about me nor any of this. you either know me or not. wether it is or not, enjoy this entry. for my acquaintance, you're only looking at my wide-smile, childish laughs, all that happy person could felt. well i actually likes black, and all my pics for this entry or 'nother entries i use black. because i actually have my other side. welcome to this side, and i am loving this side. it's actually found the real me. the real me who's standing tall against thw oods, and defencing her opinions and i really love poems . i love dark poems, how about you? it felt like everything seems to fall apart with you and the world fathom everything about you and i love writing one even tho it's horrible. when i am writing, i feel like the time stops for me and face the sorrow with me. shoot, how is this possible? all because books and poems that i read. when i read, i feel like im going through with them. about all those depressions, miseries, sorrows, anxieties and black reminiscence. it doesn't matter im expriencing it or not, i still watch the same situation. 

stop complaining what books should be like, it is written for you to feels 'em, exprience 'em

you may dont wanna see all feelings but know this, i enjoyed beimg me. an old me. an outer me. me is smiles childishly, all those unfunny jokes. because that's how im started. and i love all those imperfections that i had and you have no rights to critism. because i love myself. more than you.

and that's my other side, to my acquaintance even tho there might be none or less, bcs gentle sape tau pasal blog ni ha , there are few who knows about this blog, cause this blog seems to be precious and i dont want judgers do their job. i dont want anymore.

well enjoy it, life is a misery.

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