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clearer skies for the stars
written by alin at Monday, 30 January 2017 & got 1 Comments

 Hello guys . I should've post an update at the end of 2016 . I wanted to but I ain't have the chance . but before that, rn I'm just chilling while listening to 'can't get you off my mind' by mattyb so maybe you should go hit youtube or Spotify or etc 'cause it's really blow my mind up haha . okay jk I mean when I blew off, this song soothe me phew . *whispering* I'm impressed of him. he's improved!

 okay when I said I wanted to post an update as a closing for new year, I REALLY means that . not like you really care but I'll pretend it. I saved it to drafts because it's not done yet due to damages on my laptop. I'm not gonna publish that one cause it really means nothing to me even tho I wrote all of this piece of a shit literally for fun but never mind cause this makes me dizzy of how I equate this . sooooo I'm gonna write new one . so this it is .

 dear 2017 , I'm really excited when you knocked on my door and gotten anxious and you're awesome but I really missing 2016. on 2016, I started to know myself little by little . I got erroneous a bit but I enjoyed knowing myself better and I found more reasons to love myself and embrace myself how the way I am. on this year, I made memories with my friends, especially Revog10 , which is made me rn . I appreciated this year more than you can Imagine 'cause it's ripen me. (omg, grammar please have a mercy on me)

 even if today, my friends will leave me to go to better school, Im not forgetting them. cause they become a part of my life and believe it, they are necessary to me as much as my siblings are. chuckling, no they are my sisters and our sisterhood never breaks cause we've been through it all, under any circumstances. at low or not. there were some very bad days and some unexpected beautiful days and in that moment, I swear we were infinite. to my special three, or maybe more. Im not sad of this farewell cause I'm happy that you'll have a better future ahead. every time I think of you, our memories keep flashing and the emotion keep coming forward instead. it's inevitable. how our attachment, connection, bond are strong even now. I see other friends but girl they ain't you, you all are special just like you always you know you are. you made me love my life. you brought laughter, tears and even heartbreak sometimes and it's all makes it more special. and you all bringing smiles to me. even the memories you left behind, they make me crazy (yeke) . imma be just fine. cause I always realised it's not worth crying for your happiness, your future, your goodness sake so I just hope and pray our friendship never sinks and stay firm.

 y'all are different, so shiny that I can't imagine how we can through the days of our school, the darkest and the brightest. but God knows the best. so good luck and have a blast at yr new school. If you're feeling low, remember me ;) Im always have ur back!

I love you as much as the oxygen filling up the Earth,
to my iffah, najwa, annur and even siti .ツ

Blogger Eyqa Zq said...

May all the memories of 2016 remains in our mind and our heart and may all the goodness of 2017 be with you Alin ^^


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