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written by alin at Monday, 19 December 2016 & got 0 Comments

  as promised, im here on the day of pt3 results. okay, what do you wanna know? alhamdulillah. i passed with flying colourss ! i assumed my friends also passed their exams with flying colours. so this day should be more colourful than the other day! i always wished the best for batch 01. even if we are naughty as a student but we controlled and behaved ourselves as much as we can! what i can see today is my friends crying their heart out because they either happy or sad. mostly because of sad :(( that's why i cant keep my hopes high, otherwise i'll get dissapointed because i know life is like a wheel, sometimes on the top sometimes at the bottom. i've times when i felt low, but when the night passes, there is still tomorrow and there's still hopes. hopes for you to succeed. and the God is fair and he knows what the best. maybe he wants to give try you, if you always won, you'll be conceited. and there's too many hikmah if you don't get a best result like you want in pt3, and what's more important is SPM . 

  let me share with you guys the story of my friends, who shed their tears on this day (but the amount of my friends who shed their tears are least). my friend, who's always given her sweat to work hard for her studies, often got the low ranking even if it's not the lowest but i, alin confused because i think it's not fair for who has given her best to achieve that. and look at this bright day (even at the end of the day, it was raining) , she shed her tears bcause she's too happy for her result . She got 11 As like she always wanted. Look, God isn't unfair. hm my friends shed their tears a lot due to their dissapointment, they thought they'll got 11 As and vice versa (idk how to use this word, i just knew this word, if it's wrong, tell me. ) they turned out to be more frustrated than i thought they'll be. yeah their results trial are not bad too so why must they take the blame? i am grateful. VERY GRATEFUL of my result. thanks teachers and my parents, who always supports me, and heh i don't thanks them properly because i don't feel anything about my amazing result. (haha) earlier, my heart was pounding loudly because i worried my English subject might be B, and when Alya's name was announced, i thought "oh no, there's no my name in "The students who got 11 As" list, and later Amirah's name was announced and i got relieved like my burdens that I bear got carried away. and soon "number 36, Nur Anis..." and i stood, walking to the stage. Alhamdulilah. i am so grateful of this gift . okay enough talking about the pt3 results.

  i would like to talk about my friends. they are my source of strength, they makes me stronger, thinks better and mature. a few of my friends want to switched to different schools. their own path, so they have to choose. the ultimate reason is they think Science subject for upper form like Physics, Biology and Chemistry are not suitable for them, bcause this time will pinpoint their future. it will not be easy so maybe there'll be a lot of farewells this year :(( oh how i love my batch. i get used to their childishness and how they acted on situations. we've been through a lot, we get scolded a lot, and our situation is not easy unlike others. we were so naughty and childish, so a lot of trouble came. and when i say alot, yeah i really mean it. other batch hated us, and teachers looked bad at our batch. but, we did not care and try not to tumble down . instead we're trying to build back our friendship, no matter how hard the bricks are but we did our best to build an intriguing castle like we've always dreamt. i feel the feeling of friendship and the sweetness of ukhuwah here, i never felt this kind of feeling, like the puzzles that i've lost has been returned back. we shared the bitterness and sweetness, we played together like no other tomorrow and we laughed at nothing and we fought but we forgived each other like no other person out there and they meant a whole world to me and i assume i will never forget the memories and how special you are to me . 

to my splendid batch ; RevoG10

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