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© 2014 - RE-EDIT by ARINA AZMAN. Skins by IKA. thanks to WEHEARTIT. do tell me if im not credit yours. dont remove the credits. x

Mask of The Truth
written by alin at Saturday, 1 October 2016 & got 0 Comments

am i will be the same person ever again
who believes in the power of love 
that flurries in the air of my dreams
the power that can be rewarding 
and need trust and feels .

five words that define everything
that can destruct everything in the world 
that causing the tears flowing

sun and stars
shone right through my hand 
as beautiful as they are
dancing in my eyes 

but today i have fears
fears that killing me slowly
gives me pain 
pain that shudder
but pain is my acceptance 
for losing trust 
on those who promise to keep us forever
so i say "show me forever"
and you lost in darkness
darkness that shows you're non-exist

the light that are missing
i'll find them
but whenever i tries you appeared 
keeping the smiles that one day you gave me
that smiles are hopes
hopes that i want to hear so much
but little did i know they are illusions

maybe you can promise me
even though it's unreal
i want to keep forgiving you
and drew a deep breath that betrays my indignation
but it just a matter of fact 
that you could not care less
about me gets running out blood
from the knife that is yours

my pain .

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