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© 2014 - RE-EDIT by ARINA AZMAN. Skins by IKA. thanks to WEHEARTIT. do tell me if im not credit yours. dont remove the credits. x

written by alin at Saturday, 1 October 2016 & got 0 Comments

An angel who smiles a lot 
It's you 
Shows her dimple
But who knows her heart won't heal ?

It changed her heart quickly 
She is Rapunzella turns into a witch 
She's fake outside
And let out her devilish soul and scars 
When the new moon appears

Where are you angel ?
What makes you fade ?
It's upside down world 
You're like the wasted dreams 

Are you blinded by the sun 
or are you're becoming hideous ?
You're being unstable
You become your own salvation 
You let out your wild rage
I can't take it anymore 

Your agendas, become your problems
You're like a little star
Who drowns at your own skies
Becoming a tiny dust 

Why would you tearing up 
When you're the one killing yourself 
You seek for mu help when no one hears
When i'm asleep
You whispers like cold wind
Desired on my sand
Your life's a bullet 
Killing yourself;
With the poison of tears ! 

He ;
Who ignores the angel 
Who cares of him 
He just a minor character
Who doesnt have the right to hurt you 

Is this what you came for 
And for what us ?
To be the statue you will cry for ?
Rise , friend !
Don't let the bees injure you 
Fight , fight with all your mighty 

Feelings may become your own enemy
So fight them with your weapons
Build your own castle of happiness
Prove yourself you are the queen
Not the sad Ariel tale 
So it'll be perfect like a fairy tale's 

Sorry , it'm my way to express something deep in my heart . I'm not the professional . And it's different but same passion 

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