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toma ikuta
written by alin at Thursday, 8 December 2016 & got 0 Comments

 hey guys . so what are you doing this winter? (hoping Malaysia has winter :3) im really bored . (this is the highlight) so im spending my time on dramas . kay reall bad habit. before i found myself sleeping while watching dramas. hm i guess i am developing my interest in dramas. but i'm not interested in KDramas. hm maybe i thought k pop is enough for me . but im loving japan dramas now . so if you knew any interesting Japanese dramas, comment below ! especially dramas that have toma ikuta in it . im liking toma ikuta because he's cuuuuuuteeeee. his smile is bright ( i love it ;))))) ) . yeah yeh i know he is 32 MAN . and maybe he's married already?

  on Sunday, i went to optometrist . at first, i just wanted to check my eye lens . but so scary , i found my eyes lens getting terrible day by day. so i have to wear spectacles ( back hm ) . okay next year, you'll see me wearing spectacles around school and dormitary (maybe i won't wear it at my own dorm tho , cause i have to admit my round face don't suit with any specs ) . hm nothing special with my holiday . im at home doing absolutely nothing . just finished watching harry potter collections.if only harry potter and the cursed child book hasn't costs a hundred, maybe im reading the book and enjoying myself now. and now my younger sis and brother messing my room . aww thanks everybody, what a great day will be ! (you sense sarcasm, right ?) my mother forced me to learn how to cook. well that can't be helped. i really love world ah

(i know he is kawaii , machi? ) just looking forward to hang with somebody now. my friends planned to have a lunch together on the pt3 result day, but i, somehow felt that it won't happen. well everyone must with their parents at the day, and here i am . alone. hm maybe i'll show up with my sister but i think she has to go working. or maybe she could make it, i don't know. (back to the story) then we'll take a few photos and split up, and and they'll back to their own home  but how i wish that my friends and i could make the plan works . okay let's stop here, im bored and hungry at the same time *groan* argh how can i get skinny ? if i just eat and eat and eat and sleep? or i'll continue stalking my toma ikutaaaaaa :3 maybe i'll write back on the pt3 result day, okeh ?

                                                                                                                                well, love you xx

p.s. i don't know how you write blogs nicely, i writes what popped in my mind. occasionally, i writes when im bored, like this times but usually i writes when i've something to tell my blog. because believe or not, this blog heals the pain in my heart like nobody do, the pain that unbearable but i cant tell anyone and if i do, they cant help tho. and if i did tell them, the pain cant heal but this blog do ;)

nah lanje lagi ;)

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