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lost stars
written by alin at Friday, 24 March 2017 & got 0 Comments

assalamualaikum and hello . it's beeeeeeeen a long time ! why shouldn't i behave like a freaking 16 years old girl? nah, not yet. soooooo, let's go crazy bebehhhhh .

sorry, i just hit my head with the keyboard so i can really get back to my sense. okay guys, for this week, i just found something important in myself . I PROCASTINATE WORSE THAN I THOUGHT. yeah ofc everyone who i knew often procastinate too. but this is getting critical ! so if somebody who read this, you can leave tips for preventing procastination in the comment box . this is crucial everyone .

 and there's something that i wanna talk to. but I rather slightly hide it from everyone. well no one will read my blog anyway, so why shouldn't I say it? SPM result at my school decreased. so my mom gets really worried about anything ! she concerned because i'm getting lazy and still be in comfort zone and i'm getting naps so often in a day. and she said how my achievement would be so down and what else? guess i don't pay attention well that time. andd do you remember that my four friends moved to new school ? well maybe i'll be following their footsteps haha who'll knows right? and when i'm said everyone earlier. it's not that everyone . i already confide to several friends of mine like icessa, ippeh hm maybe these two? yeah and also farisya. they wouldn't let me but i'm craving for more exprience. well first and foremost, this is not my decison . it was my mom's . but i remembered what iffah's brother, huzaifah said "redha mak abah penting" and it keeps ringing so why not kan . actually this is not my actual decison and as if i'm ready to pack my things up and go without saying goodbye . hm drop that part hehe . but i seriously think well maybe i should do that? maybe i should go without saying goodbye.. because i really want to let go and goodbyes makes things harder. but i seriously wants to make memories before i go . IF I go lah .

 my mother said she regrets when i let go the chance of a lifetime to kisas and she said "aha , you have to move there alin" and i'm just smirking thinking my mother just kidding like usual. but the expressions says something opposite. i hesitantly asked her do she wants me to go there like seriously . imagine , she says yes with a rush and excitedly! so how i'm gonna object that suggestion? on the positive side, i really do wanna change, and expriencing new things and new environment. anyway, kisas is the top 3 schools in the entire country. so actually there's no reason for me to decline that offer. and excatly i didn't decline the offer physically but i still didn't go to that school. but when i looking back over my shoulder, i see my friends that always with me through thick and thin and prs , which is i'm the part of that organisation, can't they cope without having me here? . and sense this im not saying the whole prs things depends on me but the amount of prs members decreased so the fuctions decreased lah. i know friends can be found anywhere but nothing will replace the craziness of rg10 and my deskmate are. in class, we fights for nothing to create memories, not to create hates . like bestfriends doesn't hurt when you say something hurtful, and on the contrary, she careless and said it too or vice versa . because we know they're just joking.

but hold up everyone, this is not an actual decision. it just a suggestion well not likely. it depends on my istikharah's result and i'm ready for anything that will be ;')

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