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© 2014 - RE-EDIT by ARINA AZMAN. Skins by IKA. thanks to WEHEARTIT. do tell me if im not credit yours. dont remove the credits. x

written by alin at Thursday, 19 October 2017 & got 0 Comments

stern looks by everybody
sent me towards realization
looking down by earth
stood by me

have i gone wrong
you hit me inside
but i felt nothing
maybe you're just a figure
and i am a shadow

shadow, of something breathing
don't know if she was real
heartless, waiting to be embrace
and scared
because Hell is pretty same
with all fakers standing
and laughing to her

there's no cares
there's no embraces
there's no genuine smile
there's none
but only a heart 
and there's pain

looking across the roads
looking for love
and give 'em all of it
but got none,
maybe he has somebody
that promised
and gone

when the dark world appears
i am a person
that has nobody.

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