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© 2014 - RE-EDIT by ARINA AZMAN. Skins by IKA. thanks to WEHEARTIT. do tell me if im not credit yours. dont remove the credits. x

written by alin at Thursday, 19 October 2017 & got 0 Comments

walking in the dark
and hands are closing my eyes 
while i'm searching something to reach
lost in my thoughts
like im lost in the skies

im always looking
for you breathlessly,
ignoring every soul
that approaching me
who eventually will
gone when the world's
not over.

i dreamt of sunlight
and happiness
but i know, always
that it will be just a joke

hands still close my eyes
walking on the wrong path
but darkness leads to the tree
of a million lives
and i run, without even
blinking and turning back
i reach you, who spills
embraces me
trade glances and grins

at last noticed you
even though you look like
that souls, always misjudge me
you are the sunflower in my darkness
wind up my sorrow
the bond of yours
still lingered around my system
you and i 
are still meant together.

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